Posted by: Mama Bear | March 27, 2010

where’s the mama bear?

Yeah, I know.  I’m unreliable.

But this back-to-work stuff still has me gasping for air.  Seven months into it, I’m no better at managing my time than I was in August.

So here’s a summed-up version of what the mama bear’s been up to.

First, I’ve put lots of time into coming up with strategies to motivate my students.  I like to post loving, caring phrases on the board for the kids to read when they come in.

Here’s another.  This one started out producing the desired results, which meant kids weren’t leaving the room for extraneous reasons.  But then, some little smarty researched Alcatraz and determined there actually had been some escapes.

I was a little concerned that after five years at home, my motivational strategies might’ve become rusty.  But not to worry; just look at this eager student embracing the learning process.

Here’s another.

When I’m not gnashing my teeth at the classroom sleepers, I’m training for a half-marathon.  But unless staying alive is a goal, I’m not aiming to set records with my garden slug-like speed.

Lastly, Logan and I just got back from a trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson.  It was lots of fun.  Only problem was that the jacket I grabbed off the Target clearance rack apparently wasn’t a raincoat after all.



  1. i missed you!! i’m happy you are doing well, even though you seem really, really busy!!

    isn’t it spring break around your parts? these kids are kickin my ass too..

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