Posted by: Mama Bear | July 23, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation


See that blur behind Logan?  It’s the Grand Canyon.

We got to see it last week with our cousin, Robert.  He lives in Phoenix and took us on a camping trip.


Robert has a neat camping trailer.  Up until now, the only camping I’ve done has been in a tent.  This was much better; no more waking up with rocks poking me in the back or rain seeping through my sleeping bag.


Logan liked the campfire.  He made “shmarshmellows” for everyone although he wouldn’t eat them himself.


He also followed Robert around, assisting with every task.  This resulted in my cousin taking a few time-outs to happy hour.


We rode to the Grand Canyon on a train.  It picked us up from one of the campsites.


But first, Logan posed with one of the local landmarks.



  1. he is awesome! and you guys had an awesome time! i’ve missed you… happy to see you are back!

    i’m trying to get ideas together for our next vaca. perhaps grand canyon, no?

  2. I am so glad that Logan has a “father figure”.

  3. how much fun and what great memories were made!

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