Posted by: Mama Bear | July 21, 2009




She’s a two-month-old Siamese mix we adopted from a Kansas City, MO rescue shelter. 

Since she came home yesterday, Molly’s been lying low, spending most of her time underneath the china cabinet.  Right now, she’s cowering beneath Logan’s bed. 

It’s so good to have a cat again.



  1. Taps toes impatiently while looking at her imaginary watch…”and where have you been young lady!” LOL

    I’m not a cat person at all, but that is one purty kitty. I’m a kitty person, but they don’t stay kittens. I’m happy you were able to get another cat. She’s a really looker, those eyes look like they hold a lot of mischief!

  2. she’s such a cute girl! i’m happy you have a furbaby back in your life. how is logan reacting to her?

  3. She’s a professional model. I love her! Her eye are so beautiful.

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