Posted by: Mama Bear | June 25, 2009

a whole lot of nothing

I had big plans for knocking out some projects this month while Logan’s been in summer school.  But the list of what I’ve actually accomplished isn’t too impressive.

Our basement, which closely resembles a landfill or maybe a homeless shelter, did get an overhaul.  There were boxes that hadn’t been sorted through since we moved from Corpus Christi eight years ago.  The stuff stayed boxed during our time in Norfolk. 

In a way, that lengthy time in boxes made the process easier.  That’s because when I pulled out the musty, dirty junk and caught a whiff of the moldy stench, there was only one way to organize it. 


I’ve been pretty serious about the throwing-away aspect of this task.  Just today, I hauled a mold-covered computer desk up the stairs for the trash man’s morning offering.  Whew.

And although we’re a long way from the finished product of a basement that actually resembles some sort of living space, we are ready for this:

cat bed



  1. ah, you guys are getting a cat!!! how fantastic! i will say that it’s taken me some time to get used to them as creatures of earth, but they are pretty great. even that crazy cat we experienced for those few weeks…

  2. I hope your cat will enjoy the company of the dogs. And the dogs don’t think it is a “snack”.

  3. Oh yay, a kitty! Can’t wait to hear about that!

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