Posted by: Mama Bear | June 7, 2009

water war


Long days with nothing to do while Logan’s in school has had an unexpected perk.  It’s unleashed my inner fun mom. 

I never suspected she was in there or that she’d spend half a day filling up a wagon load of water balloons.


It took no more than 10 minutes for us to toss them all. 


Logan enjoyed every short-lived second.  I think he inherited my deviant streak.  Maybe we can egg cars this week, or perhaps wrap a house.



  1. ah, that looks like soooo much fun!!!!

  2. ooo, I used to have so much fun wrapping houses! We called it papering houses. It was awesome. Man I miss being a kid 🙂

  3. We called it T P ing houses. I only did it once and I still feel terrible about it.

  4. You’ll be glad to know that the kids now get home about 4:50 pm. That is a time I can live with. But we are use to 8:20- 3:15 not this 9:00-4:25. The good part is they don’t have time to destroy the house before I get home from work and then we can eat dinner together. Audi just did painting on paper. I want to get her in an art class during the school year. The others have their gymnastics.

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