Posted by: Mama Bear | June 4, 2009

another lunch


I promise not to post a daily picture of Logan’s lunch.  Wouldn’t want anyone to have a heart attack from all the excitement that would generate.  But I’m having so much fun with this bento stuff.

My tendency to be a bit of a copycat dates back to 2nd grade spelling tests, so I used a model I found here to make this lunch.  He has two star-shaped peanut butter sandwiches, pretzels, cheese, bear cookies, yogos and a few raisins. 

Yesterday, after Logan’s first day of summer school, I asked him if he’d like to occasionally buy a hot lunch at school. 

“That’s yucky food,” he replied. 

Once I go back to work and have to downgrade these meals to Lunchables or – gasp – traditional sandwiches, I’m laying odds that the hot lunches won’t look so yucky.



  1. I have to wonder what the teacher thinks of these lunches.

  2. Probably that I’m high.

  3. Wow, that lunch is colorful and fun and yummy-looking. I’m going to try it on my grandson!

  4. have you seen a hot school lunch lately??? those things are horrible. Logan is high class! watch all the other moms be like “um, can you tell me about those lunches – my kid has been talking about them…”. then you are going to be hosting classes! watch!

  5. Me and Joy are planning an intervention. Be warned.

  6. I just wasted half a day looking up Bento lunches and boxes. I’m inspired!

  7. Ben’s teachers wanted to know how I found the time to do it. ;o) I swear though, with a plan, it’s not any more work than a regular lunch.

    If you go back in my blog, there are pics of the weekend we made a freezer stash of food (two kind of stuffed muffins, mini quiches, bourek, mini blueberry muffins) and froze it all. On bad nights, I just grabbed a bunch of premade stuff from the freezer and stuffed it in the bentos. On good nights, they got cute stuff. The catch is having it all on hand–fresh fruits (I also freeze summer berries for winter use), yogurt, sandwich fixings, freezer stash, small cookies/sweets, etc.

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