Posted by: Mama Bear | June 3, 2009


Because the Mama Bear never misses a chance to geek things up, we’re taking the bento approach to Logan’s summer school lunches.

I’m having a hard time explaining a bento.  The best I can do is to say it’s a Japanese concept of arranging food so that it’s pretty and organized.  There are lots of websites devoted to it.  This one’s my favorite.

Here’s Logan’s fare for tomorrow:


He has chicken and cheese kabobs and whole-wheat goldfish crackers in the top tier (white part) of his lunch box.  The bottom tier contains raisins, yogos and a chocolate-chip cookie.

The two tiers stack together.  Then, the lid is held in place by an elastic belt.


I made him several drawstring bags for hauling his grub.  This is the one he’ll use tomorrow:


And in keeping with my usual pattern of throwing all of my efforts into a new hobby, I’m letting a few things slide.  Namely, housework.  Good thing I have dogs.




  1. Cute bag. You better make these things while you can. The older that boy gets the less he will use the things you make. The girls are already rolling their eyes at me when I try to be funny.

  2. I lived in Japan for four years, I LOVE bento boxes. You did the bento proud.

  3. i totally used to bento! i’m going to do it for the baby when she gets school age. they are great. wow – i ordered boxes from this site,

    they have great stuff and it’s super cheap and ships from california.

    TL loves when i bento for her.

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