Posted by: Mama Bear | May 19, 2009

ask and ye shall receive

So once again, I’m a day late and a dollar short with my posts.  Thanks for the gentle reminder, dear relative who shall remain unnamed.

Mother’s Day wasn’t the bust I’d been expecting.  The hubster took charge of most of the child-rearing that weekend and gave me a gift certificate for a local spa. 

Although I relish gifts like this, I’m in a quandary about how to use this one.  Usually, a massage tops my list, or perhaps a sandblasting of my feet followed by a few slaps of polish.

But lately, all of the wise sunbathing decisions I made in my teens are coming back to haunt me.  Thanks to a long-ago combo of an aluminum-foil towel and a full body application of cooking oil, my face is starting to look like an early admission ticket into the local nursing home.  So I’m thinking about some sort of skin-grinding process to help deal with that.

On a different note, the latter part of May has become a bittersweet time of year.  I do some freelance work for the local newspaper and usually help with the overflow of annual graduation stories.


This year, with my son about to embark on his school career, the task seemed especially poignant.  Oh, how I dread the day that I’m among the parents sitting in those bleachers.



  1. My dear cousin, before you get too emotional over your sons someday graduation, keep in mind; the alternative is no diploma, working at McDonalds and living under your roof, forever. I hope I put things into perspective for you.

  2. graduation is such sweet sorrow. i can’t imagine how i will feel the day that girly pants flies away from the next – i can only hope i’ve given her the tools to continue to successfully fly on her own.

    you have soo many years to get ready, even though i know they will fly by, you still have them.

  3. I’ve got 7 days until I get to take my seat in those stands…I can’t freaking wait!

  4. I, too, dread those days and neither of my children are even in school yet! I can only hope that my heart will be ready!

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