Posted by: Mama Bear | May 5, 2009

mother’s day


I’m chomping at the bit in anticipation of how my family will honor me on Mother’s Day. 

After all, I did bring our offspring into the world, and my induced labor capped off with c-section by chainsaw was no day in the park.

Always one step ahead of me, my husband threw out several suggestions for possible actions and attitudes that would make the day really special.

  • Logan can start biting again and go back to diapers for the day.
  • Augie, our German Shepherd, might lay his filthy pelt on my side of the bed, leaving a dog body outline.  Then, he can sit on my pillow.
  • Tilly, our halitosis-plagued greyhound, can wake me with the sound of her digestive ailments which often manifest in the form of puke on the carpet.
  • Bud Bird can take a notch out of my thumb with his beak while I change his water.
  • And Todd can stand around outside all weekend and hit the sauce with the neighbors.  When he comes in, it will be to speak to me in monosyllabic grunts, eat the homemade meals I’ve prepared for him and track a trail of mud across the carpet as he weaves his way to the bathroom for beer-induced potty breaks. 

It sounds special indeed, but I have a hard time being grateful for the last suggestion.  After all, it doesn’t require him to alter his usual routine at all.



  1. Wow. Just wow. I have days like, this I feel ya girly. Hope he surprises you and makes it a good one.

  2. i think a card and flowers and a nice dinner or lunch may be just fine… or a day at the spa!

  3. I think your husband and mine must be cut from the same cloth. Just last week, I purchased my own mother’s day gift. I bought myself a bike so I could ride around the block with the kids. If I did not buy it myself, I would not have gotten anything from him. My daughter always makes me something in school but Tom doesn’t feel that I am his mom so he shouldn’t honor me. Funny, how he doesn’t feel the same on Father’s Day.

  4. Ummm, I have to say that I can def feel your pain.

  5. Please view my blog for full comment on Mother’s Day. I do not have room here to express my feelings on such a festive occation.

  6. Get off facebook and blog! I don’t even know what you bought yourself for mother’s day this year. Get with the program.

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