Posted by: Mama Bear | April 23, 2009

field trip

Our weather’s getting better by the day, so it seemed like the perfect time to plan some sort of outdoor adventure.

We discussed several possibilities; the zoo, an out-of-town park or maybe a botanical garden.

The mention of a garden interested Logan, but it wasn’t the one I had suggested.  Instead, he adamantly insisted a garden of the variety that had completely escaped me as being some sort of destination a 5-year-old might enjoy.


Seems he took an interest in the rows of evenly spaced headstones we passed a couple of days ago as we ran some errands.  I explained those stones weren’t playthings, but instead marked the spots of those who had gone on to reap their heavenly rewards.

He wasn’t deterred in the least.  So we loaded up and went to the cemetery where his great-grandparents are buried.  I figured that once we got there, the intrigue would quickly wear off.

Instead, he was enthralled.  In fact, I had a hard time convincing him it was time to leave.


His hands-down favorite attraction of the event was when he spotted his name on his great-grandfather’s headstone. 


That was a little disconcerting.  But I guess at age 5, I’d have gotten a kick out of it, too.



  1. How interesting that he wanted to visit a cemetary. What a good idea and way to keep him connected to our grand parents. My girls, two years older than Logan, do not really remember Great PaPa. Which surprises me. I don’t think my kids would be as interested in this type of field trip as Logan apparently was.

  2. i’m strangely interested in funeral homes and the like. i used to visit them during the day, walking into viewing rooms and looking at the people they had laid out and wondering about their lives. i can never bring myself to touch though.


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