Posted by: Mama Bear | April 9, 2009



With Easter Sunday and the obligatory egg hunt breathing down my neck, I was faced with a quandary.

There were 50-ish plastic eggs to fill and I’d forgotten to pick up the candy.

Would I be forced to trade in my three hours of preschool-granted parole for a dreaded trip to Walmart? Or could I just scrounge something up?

As you can see by the photo, I chose the latter.

Here’s hoping my frugality puts me one step closer to winning that coveted Mother of the Year trophy. Or perhaps an equally distinguishing CPS referral.



  1. I am using candy from Juan’s pinata in the Easter Eggs. I would have thought any candy from Halloween would have been thrown out by now. Mine is on top of the kitchen cabinets!

  2. i’m wondering how you were able to fit the dumb dumbs into the easter eggs… this was a genius idea, though!

    fwiw, TL is well on her way to mother of the year, and me, well, i keep on losing the pacifier.

  3. that cracks me up. I would have totally done that if I could get away with it and had already not thrown it all away!!

  4. Get off FaceBook and update your blog!

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