Posted by: Mama Bear | March 30, 2009

dear husband…

I realize you were much too taxed this afternoon to help with the not-so-important task of cleaning dog poop stains off the carpet. 

After all, it’s not such a big deal that we’re having company this week.  And it’s especially not relevant that the company is our son’s school principal.

Instead, I’m glad you had the foresight to spend your time in a manner of importance that so greatly exceeded my plea.


*Please note these aren’t even our kids he’s playing with.  But don’t worry; I’ll find a way to settle the score.



  1. I think that is the SWEETEST thing I have seen a long while… I can say this because it is NOT my hubby! LOL! Thanx for the laugh!

  2. Husbands really are wasted space.

    I am glad you made it home safe and sound. I hope you will be comming to Juan’s birthday party on April 4th. I sent an invite to Logan and he is allowed to bring his parents. I do not plan on buying beer so Todd will be at the mercy of Chino’s memory. That may sway his decision on whether to come. We are having a hot dog roast. (weather permitting) Hope to see you there!

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