Posted by: Mama Bear | March 28, 2009


There’s something about a trip to see his grandparents that causes Logan to revert to babyhood.

Here’s the proof.  And please keep in mind this guy is 5 years old.


Exhibit A:  The high chair.  Logan wouldn’t consider the yellow booster seat that was ready and waiting to support his little tush while he took his meals.  Instead, he wanted the familiar high chair he’s used on previous visits.


Exhibit B:  The infant swing.  Logan’s grandparents ordered him a nice, new big-boy swing, but he’d have no part of it.  This was the only one that would do.


Exhibit C:  Excessive thumb-sucking.  Okay, maybe this one’s not so different from any other time.



  1. I totally understand. My two youngest go to grandma and papa’s for the entire summer (my inlaws idea and I’m all for it) When they get back they are 10lbs heavier and can’t seem to do anything of the big boy/girl stuff they did when they left.

  2. oooooh he is just loving all the attention!

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