Posted by: Mama Bear | March 3, 2009

hot off the sewing machine


One St. Patty’s Day shirt.  And I’m proud to say that the materials cost less than $4. 

Sometimes, I wind up spending far more on materials than I would if I’d just gone out and bought the thing, such as that $40 nightgown I made for my mother-in-law’s Christmas present.  

But this time, it wasn’t the case.  And as a result, I like the shirt so much more.



  1. Love the shirt! I wish I could be more crafty, but the ideas never look the same in ‘real life’ as they look in my head.

    LOL about the bar scene in MO. The scene here in the Nort’woods isn’t much better.

  2. Great looking shirt!

  3. is he posing in this picture??? the shirt is awesome! i too laugh at myself for all the money i spend on fabric that i have yet to make anything with…

  4. I miss sewing. I lost my machine during a move. I think you have inspired me to buy a new one.

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