Posted by: Mama Bear | March 3, 2009

day late, dollar short

So finally, a week after the big shindig, here are some of the pictures.  Sorry, moms; you’d probably given up hope.


Logan enjoyed this aspect of the pinata – the stuffing part – much more than he did the pulverizing of it.


Emma liked her hat.


Gabby and Josie having some dog snacks.  One of my cousins was tricked by the “dog food” and tried to give it to our German shepherd.  It’s really just Coco Puffs.


Logan’s favorite part…the presents.  He got some great stuff.


Juan smacked the pinata with vigor.


Melissa (in background) was among the nervous adults as kids flailed around the pinata stick.  But Gabby whacked it like a pro.


After being smacked in the nose by the paper mache dog, Audi made it pay.


Kae sized it up, then took some swings.


Logan didn’t take the news well that he wasn’t the only one who could take a turn with the pinata.  His grandparents were more sympathetic than was his mother.


By the end of the day, this is what we had…one tired, happy kid.



  1. Super cute pics! The girls had fun!
    THey thought that the power being out was SOOOOO cool.
    Yeah that necklace is made from a scrabble tile. Pretty cool!

  2. Great pictures! I especially love the one of Juan hitting the pinata. His expression is priceless!

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