Posted by: Mama Bear | January 27, 2009



No, not with the fingerprints on the mirror.  Just for the record, I took a few swipes at them with a sock before I took the picture. 

I’m talking about the skirt.  I made it to wear for the mother/son prom Logan and I are going to in a couple of weeks. 

Usually, I can’t get past the flaws in my sewing projects.  But that’s not the case with this one.  Don’t get me wrong; I goofed a few times, especially with the zipper.  But I can still say it’s the best thing currently residing in my closet.



  1. Am I missing something? This is what you are wearing to a prom? Why did you draw a bird and flower on the skirt? More information please.

  2. Yeah, I guess that was a lacking description I gave. Combined with that awful photo, I can see why you’re confused.

    The red fabric was already printed with that black bird pattern when I bought it. I can only draw stick-figures, and that includes birds.

    Warrenton is having a mother-son prom on 2/6. It’s a dinner and dance for moms and their boys. It’s not formal like a real prom…just church clothes. The next night, they’re having a father/daughter prom. I told Todd he could take our greyhound to that one, as well as Bud Bird since the egg-laying proves she’s a girl.

  3. Its totally cute! You did great. No one would ever notice the zipper anyway!

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