Posted by: Mama Bear | January 26, 2009

marketing proposal

Dear Toys ‘R Us,

I’ve tried to be a good parent.  Really, I have.

But apparently, I’ve failed to indulge my child with enough toys. 

As a result, he’s opted to design one of his own.  It provides limitless entertainment and is also quite helpful when I get behind on the laundry.


So would you consider stocking this contraption in your store?  I think it would be a worthwhile addition and would blend in nicely next to the Hot Wheels cars.


The dog vehemently disagrees.


Sincerely, The Mama Bear



  1. I think Sean would appreciate the teeth a lot more than me. So keep that in mind.
    I do like the new toy. We have a few of those ourselves and a facination for what goes in them. Juan recently pointed to my breasts and said “I like those”. I decided it was time to stop dressing in front of him.
    Kids night is at most Burger Kings in our area on Tuesdays. But the one on Jungerman has the face painting. I tip $5 for the 3-4 kids and try to move bath night. Juan has only done it once, but he seemed to like it and will probably want another. I go most Tuesdays because I can’t feed them at home for that price!

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