Posted by: Mama Bear | January 23, 2009

it never pays for papa to babysit

I won’t even try to address the whole “is it really babysitting when it’s your kid?” debate.

All I’ll say is that when I’m out and the hubster’s in charge of our spawn, it’s a lose-lose for everyone.

Tonight, he fed the boy a nutritious dinner.  That meal, pictured below, ensured a seamless evening of cooperative behavior upon my return.  My left calf is still smarting from the sharp, knuckly jab it took when I suggested one might not wish to smack the dog if planning to continue a connective relationship with one’s limbs.


And for anyone awaiting the forensic evidence that concludes my son is still a thumb-sucker, the blue digit below offers all the proof you need.




  1. Oh, the joy of returing home after a hard day to find your little bundles of joy have been drugged with enough sugar to send a sloth into calesthenics…my parents think it’s sooo much fun. And I reeallly love the cleanup process.

  2. OH. MY. Thats what my Inlaws do to my kids,. Its like a free-for-all and then we are left to clean up! I am sure that they secretly laugh at us when we leave and call us suckers!

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