Posted by: Mama Bear | January 23, 2009

counting to 10 and taking deep breaths

I’m no closer to working out my WordPress kinks. 

It’s especially frustrating because I’ve heard throngs of people rave about how user-friendly it is compared to Blogger.

I think this user is just a little too challenged by the learning curve.

I’m also on an exercise kick and have taken to wearing myself down early in the day, then feeling like a deflated balloon by the time evening rolls around.  All I’m good for then is nestling my butt into its rut in the La-Z-Boy, staring at the wall and drooling.

But if my past history is any indication, the kick will be short-lived.



  1. I give you credit for trying! My treadmill is also known as the $300 coatrack.
    Hope you work out the wordpress issues soon!

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