Posted by: Mama Bear | August 23, 2008

time’s a-wastin’

I have a story to write for my side job at the newspaper.

There’s a lesson to prepare for tomorrow morning’s Sunday School class.

Everyone around here is hungry; the husband, kid and animals. Our refrigerator looks like a ghost town because I need to go shopping.

There are three calls to return from family members that are probably ready to write me off.

And my house is a wreck.

So how am I spending my evening hours? Most productively, I assure you. See for yourself.

My dearly departed Aunt Marie sported this hairstyle in the 50s. She was quite a dish. But on me? I’d have spent most of my Saturday nights at home with my parents watching Leave it to Beaver.

This looks so much like my Grandma Donaghue that it’s a little scary. I doubt she had that wayward lock of hair hanging down the side of her face, though.

I never had a hairdo like this, but if it would’ve been popular in the 80s, you can bet I’d have been sporting it. It looks like it requires lots of time and hairspray, a combo I embraced back then.

Hmm. This doesn’t look like such a far cry from my current mom-do.

Oh boy. I don’t know about this one.

And this looks like my senior picture. Do you think the bangs look like a waterfall? That was my intent when I had a hairstyle like this. Mom’s still scraping the White Rain off the bathroom walls.

And because I haven’t sufficiently wasted enough time, here’s dear old Dad. I just happened to have a photo nearby that was begging to be scanned and desecrated.

He had this hairstyle in ’98. Only difference was that he embellished it with a perm. Actually, his was a bodywave.


  1. That is too funny Lisa! But I think you need to get out of the house more.

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