Posted by: Mama Bear | May 5, 2008

Making progress

I’m obsessed with rehabilitating this bird, and I think he’s making progress. If you look at the photo, you can see some new down feathers on his wing along the line where his regular green feathers meet his pink, bald skin.

So far, I’ve switched his diet, added supplements to his food and water, and gotten him to eat several different types of fruit. We play with him so much that sometimes he snores at night when I cover his cage. I’ve even ordered him a CD of bird noises set to music (please don’t tell my husband) that is supposed to keep him from getting lonely when he’s home alone. And last night, he sat on my shoulder while I baked him some parrot bread.


  1. Lisa…you finally got that second child.

  2. You can’t feed a bird an EGG. That is canabolism!

  3. Diet Coke just flew out my nose.. Lisa lol That poor bird ate a family member…

  4. How did the chicken nuggets go?? lol

  5. Yes Lisa, how did the chicken nuggets go. I sure hope you thought better of that idea. Do you want to raise the poor birds cholesterol?

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